water tankers

tanks are built to provide years of service

The TFM water tanker is a tried and tested design that has been operating on a number of different chassis for many years. Also incorporating the removable stainless steel baffles of its vacuum tanker cousin, the tanks are built to provide years of service. TFM Manufacturing does the wheel base extension or reduction that is usually required to achieve optimum load distribution in-house.

standard design

  • Length To suit mass distribution
  • Width To suit mass distribution
  • Height To suit mass distribution
  • 3mm Shell; 4,5mm ends; 4 sets 3CR12 baffles
  • 3 Point "TFM" flexible mounting system
  • 450mm Manhole centrally mounted at top, front of tank
  • PTO driven product pump with minimum 20m head
  • Level indicator fitted at tank rear
  • 2 off 6000 X 100mm Heliflex suction hoses, with foot valve, in hose trays
  • Steps from rear platform to top catwalk
  • Lockable tap for drinking water
  • Boxed chevron & tail light
  • Full mudguards with mudflaps
  • Under-run bumper
  • Degreased, primed & spray painted to spec

valve arrangements facilitate the following operations

  • Fill tank from outside reservoir
  • Empty tank via gravity
  • Pump out
  • By-pass water through pump back to tank

optional equipment

  • Supply & Fit a spray bar c/w 5 x brass spray nozzles
  • Supply & Fit Pneumatically operated in cab controls for spray bars
  • Supply & Fit Side mounted spare wheel carrier (If required)