vacuum tankers

renowned for its sturdy construction and its innovative flexible mounting system

capacity To suit requirements
tank design
  • Elliptical with curved ends
  • Material '3CR12' Stainless Steel
  • Shell 4,5mm
  • Ends 6mm
  • Removable baffles 3mm
  • One 460mm dia suitably sealed for vacuum
  • Catwalk & ladder fitted for easy access
exhauster 'Broom' exhauster model 'B25' hydrostatically driven
vacuum equipment
  • '3CR12' Snifter valve, overspill protector, moisture
  • Separator with auto drain, inline strainer/filter
  • Exhaust silencer, non-return valves, vacuum control
  • Valve, vacuum unloader valve set at - 55 kPa
general equipment
  • 40mm Perspex sight glass fitted with T-pieces for easy cleaning
  • 65mm vacuum gauge 0 - 100 kPa
  • Hose stowage trays
  • 100mm gate valve with 'Perrot Couplers'
  • 2 x 6000mm Heliflex 100mm suction hose with 'Perrot' couplings
discharge - vacuum tank 220mm Quick acting dump valve with safety catch at lowest point at rear
  • Tank is mounted with a "Three point TFM" flexible
  • Mounting system, ensuring flexibility to withstand any off-road conditions
painting Exterior to be primed with self-etch red oxide & painted to specification
  • Steel mud guards
  • Under-run bumper

conversion notes

The TFM designed and built tanker is renowned for its sturdy construction and its innovative flexible mounting system. With capacities ranging from 5000 to 14000 litres, TFM manufactures a tank to suit your needs. Almost all chassis require wheelbase reduction to achieve the best load distribution for tankers. This is done in-house by TFM Manufacturing if required.

Removable stainless steel baffles and an elliptical design help to reinforce our vacuum tankers and prevent caving. Our standard vacuum tank design includes the following: