roll back bodies

still the best locally manufactured roll back body on the market

Still the best locally manufactured Roll Back Body on the market. TFM produces one of the strongest and most user-friendly Roll Backs available. With only top quality components being used, operators can work with complete peace of mind even under the harshest conditions.

The bodies are available for nearly every chassis both large and small. The popular 3tonne unit is ideal for transporting single cars and small LDV's. The larger 8 tonne chassis have payloads of up to 6 tonnes and the 6 X 4 chassis are well suited to moving TLB's and other plant. The hydraulic winches range from 4,2 tonne capacity to 6,8 tonnes. All units are supplied complete with hold down chains, snatch blocks and hooks. A standard feature of the TFM Roll Back is the Second car Tee Bar. This is a manually operated rear Tee bar that allows the transportation of a second car. This unit is also available as a hydraulically operated Tee bar.

All Roll Backs have double rear working lights and rotating beacons with the option of fitting either 4 Rotor Recovery Star Bar or the new generation LED Recovery Bar.
Side marker lights are a standard feature on all TFM Roll Backs.

standard features include

  • 5mm Deck
  • Half height solid headboard
  • 4200 kg Hydraulic winch c/w high tensile cables & snatch block
  • 2 x HU - 3010 hook up chains
  • 4 x SC - 2010 hold down chains
  • 80mm NB Lift cylinders
  • 90mm NB Deck cylinder
  • 3 Lever Control valve
  • 2 x Rear working lights
  • 2 x Tool boxes
  • Second car mechanical "T" bar
  • Amber rotating beacon
  • Boxed chevron & tail lights
  • Power Take-off
  • 3 x marker lights per side
  • Mudguards with mud flaps
  • Under-run bumper
  • Primed & spray painted to spec
  • Reflectors and 3M® Marker tape

options include

  • 4,5kg Fire extinguisher on each side of headboard
  • Amber LED Star-bar
  • Amber 4 Rotator Star-bar