drop side bodies

renowned for its sturdy construction at a value-for-money price

The Drop Side body built by TFM is renowned for its sturdy construction at a value-for-money price. Using a minimum of a 3mm steel floor and the practical TFM "Top Hat" section, the decks are able to withstand the toughest conditions. The drop sides as well as the centre- and corner-posts are fully hinged and removable. This makes for greater versatility of the body allowing customers more flexibility.

As with all TFM bodies, there is a choice of steels available for the manufacture of the Drop Side Body. The standard remains Mild Steel, however there is also Corten, Supraform and Domex to choose from depending on the intended use of the body. TFM will provide assistance in choosing the correct steel for the application.

TFM also does front and rear crane mount extensions with great success. The crane extensions are fully cross-braced and boxed to provide maximum strength and avoid deformation due to point loading the sub-frame.

Bodies are built to optimal dimensions for each chassis based on customer requirements. Weight distribution calculations are done using the latest computer software in order to maximise the payload of every body manufactured. TFM is authorised to perform chassis modifications by all the major OEM's where necessary. This allows for the optimal load distribution and axel loading of each vehicle.

standard features of each flat deck body include

  • Deck thickness 3mm (Other thicknesses available on request)
  • Drop side thickness 3mm (Other thicknesses available on request)
  • Drop side heights range from 380mm to 600mm
  • Half slated and half plated headboard
  • Hinged centre & corner posts
  • Hestal 6022 Heavy duty drop side handles
  • Boxed chevron & tail-lights
  • Mudguards with mud flaps
  • Primed & spray painted to spec
  • Reflectors and 3M® Marker tape

options include

  • Extensions
  • Cattle sides with double rear swing doors
  • Container locks
  • Load straps and ratchets
  • Front or Rear crane extensions
  • Tool boxes
  • Rear working lights
  • Side steps