ambulance conversions

customer specific user-friendly ambulances

TFM Manufacturing converts a large range of vehicles into customer specific user-friendly ambulances. A close working relationship with all ambulance personnel results in the correct specification and layout being met first time. 3D CAD drawings allow for accurate visualization for building. This eliminates costly re-works and ensures customer satisfaction before commitment. TFM consults directly with active field Paramedics with more than 40 years combined working experience. This allows for our Ambulances to remain functional and state-of-the-art.

These turnkey projects include the latest in electrics and lighting. TFM utilizes LED lighting and strobe technology to produce highly visible and ultimately safer emergency vehicles. Sign writing is offered using high quality vinyls according to customer requirements. Attendant seats are SABS approved ISRI seats with 2-point lap belts. Floor options include vinyl, aluminium or rubberising.

Our range covers Mobile Clinics, Basic Patient Transporters, Intermediate Care Ambulances and High Care ICU Ambulances as well as Rescue Vehicles with purpose built bodies on a wide range of chassis'.

specifications of conversion

  • Fabricate bulkhead with sliding glass window
  • Rubberized floor and walls to window level
  • Polystyrene insulated walls
  • One fixed attendant seat with SABS approved lap belt
  • Sliding glass 2/3 frosted window fitted to sliding doors
  • Bench seat with lifting top & 3 SABS approved lap belts
  • Padded backrest
  • Padded door sills to prevent head injury
  • Grab handle along RHS
  • Grab handles at entrance
  • 2,5kg DCP Fire extinguisher
  • 20L Water container & hand soap dispenser


  • (O˛ bottles are not included)
  • 10kg O˛ Entinox bottle brackets inside patient compartment
  • 2 off Heyer O˛ outletswith anti-static tubing
  • 1 off Bull nose regulator
  • 2 off 300mm x 300mm Durable PVC pouches
  • 2 off IV hooks from roof
  • 2 off Portable O˛ bottle brackets


  • 1 off LED 4 cluster star bar
  • 4 off Strobe flashers at the rear
  • 8 off Strobe flashers on the sides
  • High mounted LED indicators on rear doors and one on each side
  • 1 off Internal load light at the rear
  • 4 off 12V Flourescent lights inside
  • 2 off 12V power sockets inside
  • Map light in driver compartment
  • 200W under bonnet siren with "hooter control"
  • Light and siren control box in dash
  • Distribution Board in rear compartment
  • Front mounted 55W spotlights
  • Portable high power spot light with magnetic base
  • 102Ah Additional deep cycle battery
  • Battery management system


  • As required by end user

Optional Extra's

  • Additional sign writing
  • Painting of vehicle
  • Bull bar
  • Tow bars