6m³ tipper bodies

built to work!

Built to work! That's the trademark feature of the TFM tipper body. Designed to achieve maximum payloads for every chassis, the TFM Tipper is a leader. The standard 6m³ body for 4 x 2 chassis is a tough and reliable choice no matter what the load. Using mild steel, Corten, Domex or Roqtuf, the body is built to suit the application.

TFM uses a direct thrust hydraulic cylinder mounted under the load bin. This is a proven method of operation and has been used successfully for many years. The tailgates on all TFM tippers have automatic locks and the bodies are supplied with tie hooks all round for tarpaulin covers. The sub-frames are of a sturdy construction and are mounted to the chassis in such a way that they provide ample flexibility over rough terrain.

standard features include

  • 4mm Mild steel deck
  • 4mm Mild steel front
  • 4mm Mild steel sides
  • 4mm Mild steel, automatic tailgate
  • Rear extension chute
  • Direct thrust tipping cylinder
  • PZB Hydraulics
  • Boxed chevron & tail lights
  • Mudguards with mud flaps
  • Reflectors and 3M® Marker tape
  • Primed & spray-painted to spec

options include

  • Air & Fuel tank protectors
  • Low profile bull bars
  • Reverse buzzers
  • Rotating beacons
  • Spare wheel carrier options